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What's your brow personality?

Posted by Charlie on

What's your brow personality?

For many of us around the world, the coronavirus lockdown has made it impossible to reach out to our favourite beauticians to keep our brows in shape.  

The incredibly talented technicians we regularly trust with our sacred brows are unusable. Salon tinting, threading and waxing are all out of bounds.  For many, whether we like it or not, it may be the time to grow out our over-plucked and over-worked brows to make way for something new.

Heard the one about the “Rachel” haircut?

With no social engagements during isolation apart from slightly blurry video calls it’s the perfect time to make the growing out transition a little easier.  Stick with it just once, and when you walk into a salon on the 4th of July, you will be able to achieve the style you’ve always been striving for.

If you’ve always dreamed of achieving fluffy browed perfection a la Cara Delevingne or a beautifully sophisticated arch like Gigi Hadid, well now’s your chance.

As salons inch closer to reopening, as long as you do your growing out homework, you can present your perfect blank canvas to your next brow technician and ask them to work their magic. We’ve done all the work for you. Below is our fool proof guide to the top ten popular brow styles for elevating your natural beauty effortlessly, simply pick your brow personality, bookmark and go!  


Need a brow style that says everything without even uttering a word? Enter the Sophisticated brow, worn by Gigi Hadid, Angelina Jolie and the beautiful Kendal Jenner. The focus is all about the arch with this style. A perfectly placed arch can really help to provide a subtle eye lift and even provide a little bit of help in the cheekbone department by elevating the face. Ask your technician for the perfect arch for your face shape and a subtly tapered tail to elongate the eye. Envious looks in the supermarket queue? Guaranteed.

Ask your technician for the Gigi, the Angelina or the Kendall. 

The GigiThe Angelina The Kendall


Searching for a neutral brow with an effortless arch that is slightly less maintenance and provides a softer frame to your face.  This brow style is less structured enabling you to adapt to any situation.  Can’t decide whether to take the plunge with the “Sophisticated” brow, this is the brow to try.

This brow is loved by Lily Collins, Cameron Diaz and Rihanna. Simply ask your technician for a relaxed arch to balance your other facial features. Perfect for framing your face with minimal effort required whether you’re bare faced or wearing makeup. If you still aren’t blessed with the thickest brows naturally after lockdown, never fear! This shape really compliments a thin brow as seen on Cameron Diaz. 

 The "Lily"The "Cameron"

The "Rihanna" 



And finally, the ultimate low maintenance, big and slightly unkempt style coined by the brow queen herself Cara Delevingne.  The bigger and thicker the better for these organic brows and it’s a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Wanting to achieve a powerfully preened look like Emilia Clarke’s? This is the style for you. Don’t be fooled though, naturally full doesn’t mean unkempt. Ask your technician for a shape that best enhances your natural brow in all its glory and simply keep on top of it at home in between visits. 

The "Cara"The "Emilia"


And what about the men? If you’ve been itching to get your hands on your partners brows, stay natural.  This is the perfect style for men to channel their inner David Beckham or George Clooney, achieving the perfect mix between rugged and refined. 



I am channelling Frida Kahlo in case anyone is wondering and dreaming of the Cara, because, well, who isn't.