The original tweezer sharpener

How to:

Hold the tweezerfile in one hand and grip the blade with your tweezer - Slide the tweezer up and down, gently applying equal pressure on the top and bottom blade - Admire how your tweezers are back to their old glory, gripping even the shortest

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Don't throw it - file it

Frustrated with having to throw away our old tweezers we decided to do something. Tweezerfile is a simple solution to a small problem but one that will save waste and money in the long term.


It's crazy that every time your tweezers go blunt, you have to buy a new pair. With our simple tool you can make them last for longer.

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Make it last

A simple tool to refresh your old or blunt tweezers which fits in your back pocket or beauty bag. Diamond plated stainless steel for the highest quality sharpening is complimented by a contoured handle.

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